Making a home is fun!

Making a home is fun!

So, it’s funny. I was walking downtown in Walnut Creek for my friend, Janice’s birthday, and I saw a cool 6 by 8 feet print from IKEA just leaning against the side of a building and was wondering if someone was just leaving it for someone (like me!) to grab it. I asked one of the employees of the building and they didn’t know about it. Later on that day, I went by to see if it was still there and a couple young girls were moving stuff out of their massage business that they were closing. I asked them if I could have it and they said sure! I took it apart and put it in my car while they proceeded to ask me if I wanted a mini garbage can (nice black), curtain rods, some carpet (nice black Ikea high pile) and I said, Sure! I gave them an air hug and learned that one of the girls indeed had come up to the East Bay from Palo Alto for a boy and it didn’t work out. She was such a youngin’ and I thought that was an interesting divine appointment for both of us. It helped them get rid of stuff and it helped Matthew start our journey together!


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