Yay! New place to live!

So I guess we are staying in the MTZ, or Martinez, as we will be signing a lease for a year off lovely Alhambra Ave, which is about 2 miles away from where I currently live. Matthew will be there  on May 17th and I,  like a true blue, will be there soon-ish, or after the fun party on June 14th. Just thought I would shout out good news… because we all need it. For me, a newly renovated inside apartment will be nice (and clean!). I pray that we find ways to get outside or borrow a patio here and there to keep our sanity in check. I can’t help but chuckle at this adventure of living in 530 square feet. I know Matthew feels right at home in a tent and thinks even the apartment may be too big while I will like the walgreens next door (open 24 hours) and view from our back window overlooking a creek. Grateful.


3 thoughts on “Yay! New place to live!

  1. Yeh for both of u , this is the place u we’re hoping for . A real blessing!!! We’re happy for u!!!!

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