How we met…

How we met...

Her story.

I was in the throws of online dating on a website called, OKCupid , in 2012 & I came across a mountain man with the same beliefs and values as mine 50 miles away. We talked for a bit on the phone and we chatted about going to Africa on mission trips (we both had gone on two each) and both had a lot of the same hobbies (being outside and going to concerts) and interests for being active and working with people and causes that were meaningful to us. Him, outdoor education, and me, people with special needs. He also talked about going to Humboldt State while I also went to California State University, East Bay. I was intrigued by the gentle tone in his voice. He had a calm spirit that I was drawn to and thought he would be fun to hang out with. I made a lot of silly jokes that he was gracious to let slide due to my being nervous. On our first date, he asked if he could bring his parents new husky/border-collie puppy along named Savannah because he was taking care of her. I thought that would be fun and would take the pressure off of meeting someone for the first time in person. We walked in downtown Pleasanton and he taught me about all the plants that were growing downtown and asked me what my favorite color was. 🙂 I think I really felt safe though when he asked me about how many groups I was apart of (which was many at the time). He sensed that I was a little stressed about all of my commitments. We connected spiritually that we had similar views of who God was and how we lived. We both are health freaks! I think he liked that I was in Bible Study Fellowship and training for a triathlon, personally. 😉  He seemed to genuininly care about my life and what I was doing & I really appreciated that. Needless to say that our date went well and we even had a chance to see each other the next week at a Christmas party and each week since. I know that although I see the journey before us not always smooth, I am hoping that we can  take our time & to CONTINUE searching after God and finding each other in the midst of that.

“Loving a person just the way they are, it’s no small thing
It takes some time to see things through
Sometimes things change, sometimes we’re waiting
We need grace either way.” -“Loving a Person” by Sara Groves

His story.

I had been in a holding pattern on the whole dating online dealio,  and then in God’s providence Beth shot me a cannon ball across the bow with a flirtatious inquiry “Are you Mormon?”  With a pickup line like that I had to respond, with a “No, are you?”.  I quickly went to her profile and remembered that I had been intrigued by her, yet I was shy in flirting with her because I assumed that she wouldn’t want to date a guy shorter. The intial communication back and forth by way of the dating web-site was promising, but it wasn’t until she graciously welcomed to have the puppy I was watching along for the first date was I really sparked to engage further with Beth.  Our first date was going out to ice cream– my favorite; and she liked it even having to sit outside in cold conditions! The date continued with both us walking with Savannah the puppy along downtown Pleasanton window shopping, talking to folks on the street.  The wonderful night concluded 3 hrs later with us playing games under a lit gazebo in downtown park a block away from the ice cream parlor.  I was stoked that she had wanted to play games outside in the middle of winter; my kind of gal.


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