New Date! June 14th 2014

We’ve changed our date to June 14th, 2014. We hope that you can make it! We have been offered to use a new venue with the help of beloved friends at their church at St. Matthew’s Lutheran in Walnut Creek! God is good and we are thankful to start this journey with you all. Please feel free to leave comments or questions on this site. I hope that you are feeling good about life.

We are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and (free shipping on most items!) under Beth Jensen & Matthew Warner.


3 thoughts on “New Date! June 14th 2014

  1. Yay, you have a wedding day! And you get to be married at a church that has Matthew’s name already in it. So fun!

    1. Haha! Yes, I thought it was cute, too. Also, my dad’s side of the family grew up going to a Lutheran church, which I was baptized in as a baby. Crazy!

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